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THE FASHION INDUSTRY GENERATES 1,2 BILLION TONS OF CO2 PER YEAR, Even more than the CO2 emitted by the maritime and air transport sectors combined. It is now time to look for solutions; those are ours:






Dialogue's challenge? Make fashion better with an ethical business model while keeping stylish silhouettes.

We rolled up our sleeves and came up with three essential values: LINEN, TRANSPARENCY, and MADE IN FRANCE.

With high requirements, we wanted to find the best formula to offer a new breath in the fashion industry.

Forget about fast fashion; discover fashion, better.


Entirely produced in France, from the fiber to the finished product, we keep control of every step in the clothing creation process and minimize our environmental footprint.

With 14 companies throughout France, Dialogue reaches its commitment. It's not about business relations where profit is the only interest.

We visited all fourteen manufacturers to attest that the brand's partnerships would offer you the best and could be 100% transparent with you. We know the workers' names and their know-how. A solid connexion is well-established between Dialogue and those 14 manufacturers.


Linen is eco-responsible by nature. 75% of its global production is made in France. This plant only needs rainwater to grow. As an order of magnitude, jeans made from linen need 0L of water while jeans made from cotton need between 5 000 and 10 000L of water, 75gr of pesticides, and 2kg of fertilizer. Thermo-regulating, resistant, linen is our magic fiber. The ally of those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Dialogue's purpose? Replace cotton with linen. Cotton is very polluting but reigns in the fashion industry. Why should we keep this fiber when we can do the same with an ecological one?


For ethical and environmental reasons, it's less and less conceivable that a brand doesn't stay clear about its clothing production. There's nothing to hide, our real desire is rather to show you everything. Explain what and who is behind the clothes label. Opening lines of communication and building trust between us, you, and our partners to create a thoughtful fashion with creative solutions.


We are engaged in a 100% locally made fashion to minimize the fashion's environmental impacts. To reduce our carbon footprint, it felt evident working with a local partner network. Apart from the ecological point, we wanted human proximity. Learning about their history, their work, and know-how to be able to spotlight them through Dialogue. The french fabrication still sells dreams. That is what we will prove to you!


At Dialogue, linen is cultivated in Normandy, certified "master of linen"
Spun and woven in Alsace (east of France) by our partners Emanuel Lang and Philea.
That is the strength of Dialogue from the seed to the label; clothes are designed and produced in France.



Silky appearance, semi-thick, and lightweight linen will not cease to surprise you. We have been overwhelmed by Philea's know-how. A company from the east of France that magnified linen. The entire fabric creation process, from the linen culture and the fiber extraction process to the weaving, everything is made in France. That is the strength of our partners. They perfectly know those active in the linen industry to obtain excellent fabrics rich with unique know-how.


Emanuel Lang

We did not want to miss the denim revolution, a denim made from linen. Thanks to Emanuel Lang, our supplier, this gem was born. Its 100% french linen denim allows us to reinvent the most basic of clothes: jeans. More flexible and thermo-regulating, letting the skin breathe. More importantly, much less polluting. Jeans of tomorrow are at Dialogue.


Maille au personnel / Filature du parc

Our knitted fabric is particular. Why? Because it's recycled and entirely woven in the south of France by our two partners: "la filature du parc" and "la maille au personnel." Their know-how boosts our creativity and allows us to make bold designs. Factories certified "The Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant"; "France Terre textile" and OEKO-TEX certified dying. Recycled knitwear has never been that sexy.



With its 30 years of experience, Atelier d'Ariane is the manufacturer that makes our Verson jeans alive among others. The workshop is based in Troyes, in the east of France, which is historically known as the textile-making area. The proximity to the brand's head office allows an easy exchange and aligns with our ethical requirements. It is an honor for us to work with this manufacturer and to present them to you.


In 2020, we met Manon. We were looking for French clothing manufacturers following our principles of sustainable development and our high requirement in terms of quality. With Clisson's manufacture, we had a big crush. Manon, in her 20's, reopened this workshop dating from 1928. Her main goal is to protect the French know-how and get designers from her area back to work. Her story has echoed with Dialogue's. Clisson manufacture is one of the three workshops where Dialogue's clothes come alive, the Saint Trojan t-shirt among others.


Based in Bordeaux, Jade and Marie are two young independent entrepreneurs. Their wish: create work and spread their love for clothes. Sharing the same desire for a slow fashion, based on know-how, starting a collaboration was evidence. Dialogue offers a preordering system to avoid overproduction; nevertheless, this means lots of constraints the common fashion industry is not ready for. Jade and Marie help us with this process and give us rare freedom. To walk hand in hand together means having a common goal, the one of making our ideas grow for tomorrow's fashion.


Full of history, we are particularly proud of the partnership with Poursin. This brand is located in the heart of Paris since 1830. They are the ones that were making the golden accessories for the French Republican Guards and it is those we have to thank for the famous embellishment of French luxury houses. When you come in the boutique, time seems to have stopped. Jamila welcomes you with a big smile and tells you about the fascinating history of the Parisian house. We visited the workshop, which is behind the boutique, and the partnership between Dialogue and Poursin began. We have discovered their exceptional high-quality accessories, with unique know-how, just here, in the heart of Paris. We knew that Poursin would be the icing on the cake for our clothing.


Because it is not always evident to understand the emergency in creating a better fashion for tomorrow, here are some links to sources that we think are reliable and helpful.
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